CRM Data Integration

CRM Data Integration

Today, we live in a world that is controlled by information, and what can be even worse than that is unreliable information or its lack. New technologies and innovations, such as CRM systems, which have already become a daily routine for many businesses, provide the opportunity to process huge amounts of data, analyze information and use it for competitive advantage.

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A business leader who thinks about the future has to make more and more decisions each day to gather valuable information, but gathering information is just the first step. The best results are achieved when information is used, and CRM systems are a great tool for gaining useful insights.

The Importance of the CRM System for Information

If the data collected is not used, it is practically useless. But can you imagine what a tremendous job it would be, for instance, for a franchise business to manually analyze the habits of the members in a loyalty program? It seems like an impossible mission. But, luckily, CRM systems come to the rescue, where all the data has its own location and is not only easily accessible, but also quickly processed.

One of the latest and most important trends in CRM systems is data integration, which includes gathering information from various sources. This is an important step because business can finally make the best use of the information gathered in a variety of ways which allows to get objective and reasonable insights and make the most effective decisions. Working with a large amount of information, which seemed impossible before, is now being automated, quick and easy, so business can achieve more, make more informed decisions and make profits easier.

More Data – More Efficiency

HANNA CRM provides the opportunity to gather information about potential users, customers, products, purchasing habits and more. This data is later not only converted into reports, but also used in various sections in the functional parts of the system, such as sales modules.

Cloud technology ensures easy data availability, allowing employees to access information when needed. For example, before going to visit a client for a contract extension, a manager can check what services the customer has bought and for how long. Not only does this allow you to personalize your proposal and make a relationship better, but it also directly improves the quality of your sales. By extending the contract, the system will transfer data to responsible employees who will be able to take care of delivering the service. No additional questions or duplication of information – all data is constantly stored in the system, so every employee can do their job effectively.