Business consultants

Assistant Hanna can make a great contribution to improving the performance of a business consultant and become a recommended service for customers who need to optimise their business processes.

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Advanced business management with digitised tools

Assistant Hanna will ensure more efficient business processes

Keeping track of queries

Hanna will help save all customer data and communication history, remind you of unanswered requests or nearing deadlines. You will not miss a single opportunity.

Efficient communication

With Hanna’s help, you can create templates for the required documents, so new customers will not have to wait long for contracts or offers.

Improved quality of insights

Convenient and informative Hanna reporting formats will allow to track turnover, sales data and results on a regular and consistent basis.

Discover possibilities offered by Hanna

Adaptable for teams of several people to an unlimited number of people

Document management

Form offers for potential and existing customers. Send them directly from the system and record how many offers have been approved.

Generate invoices converted directly from the offer made to the customer.

Record payments, track customer turnover and debts.

Conveniently generate contracts with the help of contract templates.

Invite customers to sign documents with an e-signature, mobile signature, or Smart-ID signature.

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Project data

Keep all project information in one place for easy access to the important files, contracts, documents and e-mails letters related to the project.

Manage order deadlines and prioritise work to avoid delays.

Analyse project costs and revenue, see revenue forecast, and estimate project financial payback.

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Team and time management

Delegate work to the team to complete the project on time. Track project progress by the task completion status.

Calculate the time spent on the project and analyse whether you have correctly estimated the cost of the project.

Use automated tasks or task templates to save time and avoid manual work.

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All success stories

Find out how Hanna solutions help companies like yours to manage their processes in a more convenient and organiser manner. Could we be creating another success story together?

We have been working with the Hanna system for several years. The user interface is perfect, it is very easy to work. Our company is happy using Hanna system. We save a lot of time and do not forget important information.

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The program is powerful and has a lot of functions. Flexible, informative and fast CRM. Hanna CRM saved us a bunch of time with great invoicing system. Everything is nice, simple and easy to navigate.

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Our company quickly got used to the Hanna system. The system is easy to understand and use. With calendar integration, we don't leave any tasks unfinished, and task reminders help us not to forget even low-priority tasks. Project management is very important in our company. In Hanna, we can record completed and planned tasks, invoices, expenses, and many other highly relevant processes for projects.

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We have worked with CRM systems before, but when we tried Hanna, we realized how simple everyday processes can be. The program helps to plan time, prevents us from forgetting tasks, and automated functions save time. We no longer send invoices to clients manually - the program takes care of it. In addition, creating contracts and documents has become simpler, as we can not only create them individually for each client but also sign them with an electronic signature.

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With Hanna we finally have all the contacts in one place and each employee only sees the contacts that are relevant to them. In addition, invoices are automatically sent to clients, so there is no need to worry about it manually.

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With the help of the program, we can track all current and potential clients. When a call comes in, the system allows us to immediately create a customer, describe their preferences and other important information. We have received feedback from clients that we do not forget even the smallest details, and this is thanks to the Hanna program!

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A reliable and automated program. Kanban and Gantt charts simplify processes and help to stick to the set plan. Goals tracking has made a significant progress in our company. We calculate both the overall and individual goals of the employees. Sales have increased, the contact list has expanded, and with the help of the Hanna system, we perform all our tasks.

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Simple pricing

The pricing of Hanna’s business management system is based on the principle of a monthly subscription and depends on the number of workplaces. We offer simple and number-based pricing.

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