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With most of the training moving to the digital space, it is time to digitise training management as well. Assistant Hanna will solve the day-to-day problems of the training providers: scheduling, tracking the status of payments, etc.

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Ensure a pleasant customer experience

How can Hanna help with training organisation?

More efficient communication

In communication with training participants,
 quick and accurate answers to questions are very important. Hanna’s systematised data will help respond to queries or even create automated response templates and automate their dispatch.

More precise financial control

With a large number of trainings and the flow of participants, it can be difficult to track the status of payments in real time. Hanna will expedite this process and notify those who are late.

Modern management

With Hanna’s, assistance, you will ensure the quality of training. You will be able to create tasks for updating training materials or sending information to participants, as well as monitor the status of tasks and ensure punctuality.

Hanna’s features for training providers

Manage your time and information smarter

Work planning

Monitor the availability of lecturers on the calendar and conveniently manage the schedule of organised trainings.

Schedule the training task and invite the customer/training participant by a link to the remote meeting.

Track statistics on how many and which trainings were attended, who are the most popular lecturers or the most attended lectures.

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Payment control

Create invoices for customers and instantly send them to recipients.

Monitor paid and overdue invoices.

Hanna will automatically remind customers about late payments.

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Customer database

Hanna allows collecting all the information about the customer and viewing the history of cooperation: call summary, e-mail correspondence history.

Create a customer profile and view available customer data: interests, training attendance history, etc.

Create contact lists that can be used to send relevant information or schedule cold calls.

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Find out how Hanna solutions help companies like yours to manage their processes in a more convenient and organiser manner. Could we be creating another success story together?

We have different selling channels and Hanna CRM helps integrate different departments for better customer support. Great advantages are click to call function and integration with email. Customers‘ support are open for new ideas for functionality, usability, also, solve issues very fast.

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Valentinas S.

Hanna CRM system is already integrated with few ERP systems, so it was easy to start using it. Compatible with all types of phones, so all functionality is able to reach using smartphone. Integration with field service management system Tasker gave possibility to improve our service activity.

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Andrius U.

Hanna CRM system is very user friendly. It has all the tools to optimize your business process. The system has great project management possibilities, also a lot of useful reports. With this CRM you can control all your business processes because of basic integration with third part systems.

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Ruslanas S.

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Simple pricing

The pricing of Hanna’s business management system is based on the principle of a monthly subscription and depends on the number of workplaces. We offer simple and number-based pricing.

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