CRM Systems: Trends in 2021

CRM Systems: Trends in 2021

In recent years, CRM systems have evolved as a contact management tool offering many opportunities to all employees without exception. In 2021, as we move into the new decade, some of the projected trends in the development of CRM systems will certainly shake the market. More powerful features and wider integrations are ready to meet the need for technology. So, what awaits CRM systems in the future and what will they look like? We will briefly review the main aspects.

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Influence of Artificial Intelligence

Areas of artificial intelligence are constantly expanding in all industries, so CRM systems are no exception. Even today, both in our daily lives and at work we are much more likely to use the benefits of artificial intelligence than we might think. And that’s definitely not the end. In the world of information technology, artificial intelligence is gaining ground, and it is predicted that it will be increasingly integrated into CRM systems and will improve their efficiency.

Surge in New Users

It’s no secret that there are still a number of skeptics of CRM systems. It is estimated that about 65% of sales specialists use CRM systems, but it seems that the time has also come for the remaining third – it is forecasted that in 2021 it will be extremely difficult to do without CRM in the sales sector. Vendors will simply not be able to keep up as the amount of information and work speed will increase even more. It is for these reasons that the number of new CRM system users is expected to grow rapidly.

In addition, CRM systems are becoming cheaper and more affordable, so why not reap the benefits? Those businesses, even extra small businesses and artisans, will also start using CRM systems, so the total number of their users will grow even more.

Social CRM Systems

It’s a new trend – CRM systems are becoming social platforms and in the future will include the integration of social media and social networks. What is it for? This additional functionality will allow companies to effectively monitor and control information in the public space. This will make it possible to shape the image, nurture the brand, and perform other marketing operations much faster and easier.

Integration of Different Strategies

Complex CRM systems keep growing and becoming more and more powerful making it possible to integrate the activities of different departments into one system. Marketing, sales, and analytics – in the near future all these departments will work as harmoniously as if they were one. On the other hand, some companies still use different systems for different departments, but that is a thing of the past. In the future, one system will suffice because it will be so functional and powerful that it will cover all the processes taking place in the company, regardless of their specific needs for functionality.

Voice Control

Voice technology is increasingly being acquired in technology, and CRM systems are no exception. In the near future, voice technology will become more accessible than ever before. They provide even more convenience to users, as well as allow them to work faster and more efficiently. Thus, voice technologies will speed up CRM systems and increase their efficiency and benefits.