CRM system

CRM System – Efficient, Innovative and Convenient

Many have heard of the benefits of using a CRM system, but not everyone knows what a CRM system actually is. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which is why most of the CRM functions are associated with the implementation of communication: targeted marketing activities, cold calling, active sales, feedback management and problem solving.

A CRM system is not just an environment where you can store and gather information or set automatic reminders. Modern systems make it possible to automate various marketing actions and even sales. Business practices and IT technologies are combined to synchronize various processes and organize day-to-day operations in the most efficient way – the system allows you to plan work schedules and the use of resources to the smallest detail and react quickly to changes in the situation.

CRM System: What Is It and How Can It Help Your Business?

At its simplest definition, CRM is described as software. In fact, the user usually perceives modern CRM systems as computer programs where they can quickly and easily enter and find information, manage data, generate reports and forecasts, perform various marketing actions and get tasks delegated by the manager. Many of those who are already working with the system do not even think that there is a complex and logical interface behind a clear and simple desktop that is at the heart of the CRM system.

If explained further, a CRM system is more of a business model – various processes are planned and implemented in the system. The system can be used customized. For example, in one company it can be used to share tasks between colleagues, while in another company it can be used to perform stock accounting. Universal application is very important because the business benefits most from CRM system content rather than form.

Many modern companies find it difficult to imagine running their business without a CRM system or some of its functions. Whereas only large organizations thought about such decisions a decade ago, now the benefits of a CRM system can be enjoyed by both companies with just a few employees and by large enterprises uniting bigger number of colleagues. CRM offers many benefits that can be divided into the following groups:

Advantages and Benefits of Hanna CRM Program over Free CRM Programs

Hanna CRM Enterprise Resource Planning system enables optimization of business processes. This means that when using the system, businesses can achieve better results with the same resources. For example, customer relationship management, which is one of the features of the system, makes data management, order administration and communication easier and more efficient. This helps gain competitive advantages – much more human resources would be needed to achieve the same result without a CRM system.

There are many different CRM systems available on the market, so while selecting one there are some important aspects to consider. There is different pricing available:

Free CRM systems can be used as a trial version or a temporary solution. If you want to work smoothly and take advantage of CRM benefits, it is only possible when selecting a priced CRM system of high quality.

Compared to free CRM programs, the benefits of Hanna CRM are obvious.

Hanna CRM Enterprise Resource Planning System

Hanna CRM Enterprise Resource Planning system is designed to be easy and simple to use. The functionality of the system is versatile, so the basic version meets the needs of most businesses, it is equally suitable for both trade and service companies.
A few reasons why it is worth to choose Hanna CRM:

Project Management System

Although CRM systems have much wider functionality, they are often chosen as a tool for project management. Project management is one of the core functions of CRM and it is important in the day-to-day operations of every business. Project management module is easily adapted to plan and can implement various tasks.

The project management system is important because it encompasses the whole planning process: actions, goals, human, financial, time and other resources, situation analysis and changes needed to successfully achieve goals. Hanna CRM Project Management function is integrated with other system functionality. This allows you to save time and easily allocate resources where and when it is needed.

Hanna CRM uses a popular and well-known Gantt Chart method. It is a convenient way to monitor the progress of a project, carry out planning and control activities. Project management system is not only a space for convenient project planning and management, with the help of functional tools, it is possible to identify errors, anticipate possible problems and prevent them in time.

Sales Management System

Another highly appreciated functionality of the CRM system is sales management. This activity is important to many companies with active sales units that are directly responsible for generating revenue. Hanna CRM functions allow you to manage sales more efficiently, automate document reconciliation processes, automatically provide certain information and perform the steps required to communicate with customers.

Sales management system ensures that all information about the client is available and can be reached on time. Based on communication and purchasing history and insights, a responsible manager can create commercial offers more accurately and make sales more efficiently. Easy and fast information transfer is one of the most important functions that protects against problems, reducing the risk of errors in sales department and allowing effective communication with customers. In addition, it is noticed that employee turnover rate is getting higher in companies. Sales management system helps prevent loss of information when employees change.

Customer Management System

Customer management system ensures smooth operation. Hanna CRM enables easy and convenient information flow without the need for the client to search for the responsible manager’s contact information or repeat information. Client management system operates on One-Stop principle, which means that each client’s request, offer or complaint is registered directly in the system and only later is assigned to and taken care of by a responsible employee. This allows you to perform the task more efficiently and quickly and makes it more convenient for the customer to communicate with the service provider.

Hanna CRM features cover all processes of the business and enable efficient resource planning and customer relationship management in a smart way. Functions adapting to the specifics of the business benefit the company: it saves employee time, collects important data and easily prepares reports necessary for decision-making. Company’s performance is optimized by making the best use of all available resources and capabilities.

Installing the CRM System

Installing Hanna CRM is a simple and fast process. This is very important as it ensures easier adaptation of the employees to changes in the company and a smoother transition to using the system. The installation process can be divided into several stages:

If you are looking for a reliable and convenient tool to manage your daily business processes, a CRM system is what works best. Many studies and analyses confirm that from the very beginning of working with a CRM system positive changes are noticed in companies, labour productivity rates increase and company’s efficiency improves.

Hanna CRM is a choice for a modern business that meets various needs. Versatility is one of the best and most valued features that is important to every CRM system. The more versatile the system, the easier it is to use and customize it, which means that the provider can offer flexible pricing. Online operation, simple installation process and the possibility to rent Hanna CRM system are also important advantages that are highly appreciated by small and medium-sized businesses. Whereas large companies choose Hanna CRM because of clear management, extensive functionality and its development possibilities, as well as compatibility with other systems.