New features 2020.12

New features 2020.12

Contract e-signature, Integration with Office 365 calendar, New setting that allows to create opportunity automatically, Automatic opportunity status update, Upload item photo in opportunity form, Discount for each item in sales documents, Task confirmation needed, Link to video conference in Task form.

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Hanna CRM contracts module over recent years became one of the biggest benefits for customers. At first, it was a simple register of contracts, but now this module helps to manage contracts fast and effectively. System can generate contract template and automatically fill in variables such as client’s details. Recently another useful feature has been added – e-signature option! Read all about it and other new updates below.

Contract e-signature

Hanna CRM contracts module has been improved by adding e-signature. Now you can generate contract document in the system, sign it with e-signature and send invitation for you customer to sign it with e-signature as well. No more need to save contracts in your laptop, send them via email, and best of all – signed contract is automatically saved in Hanna CRM system!

Integration with Office 365 calendar

Another useful option in Hanna CRM appeared – new integration with Office 365 calendar! It is especially convenient for task management because this new integration works both ways – if you entered a task in Hanna CRM calendar, it would appear in Office 365. If you create a task in Office 365 calendar, it will also be shown in Hanna CRM.

New setting that allows to create opportunity automatically

Opportunities are one of the main tools to work with sales. Opportunity itself is a potential sale – sent offer, received request, prepared order and so on. Hanna CRM now has a new setting that allows to create opportunity automatically for entered new lead. In this case, you immediately have not only a lead, but as well a potential sale registered.

Automatic opportunity status update

After opportunity was created, you can automize entire process from A to Z. Hanna CRM has a new setting that helps to standardize entire sales process by using logic: when opportunity is created, automatic task is created as well > when task is completed, opportunity status is updated and another task is created. This function completely enables to automize the change of opportunity status and creation of tasks, related to opportunity.

Upload item photo in opportunity form

In Opportunities module you can prepare offers, so in order this process to be even more smooth, we updated system with a function that allows you to upload item photos in opportunity form. This is especially practical for those, who must use different item photos or work with unique items.

Discount for each item in sales documents

All Sales modules – Opportunities, Invoices, Pre-invoices – were enhanced by adding a discount option that you can use for every item. From now on, you can mark different discounts for different items in Hanna CRM system!

Task confirmation needed

Some of the tasks are more relevant than others, so we have come up with a solution of how you could manage those tasks. Hanna CRM has been updated with task confirmation option. By selecting this option, you indicate that a task cannot be fully completed until a particular user confirms of its completion.

Link to video conference in Task form

More and more of our daily jobs are done in virtual environment, so it is essential to have convenient and appropriate instruments for that. A while ago, Hanna CRM system was improved by adding opportunity to send client task details and invitation to add event to his/her calendar. This function has been even more upgraded – now you can also create and send your customer link to join video conference. Best of all – no registration is needed. You can join the conference from task preview form, while your customer can join it via link in his/her email.

Please share with us, what new features you would like to see in the future – we will be glad to take your ideas into consideration when improving our system! Write us via email [email protected].