New features 2021.04

New features 2021.04

Goal Type Make sales; Ability to set Sales Target for countries; New Dashboard Graphs: Sales Plan vs. Fact; Sales Plan vs. Fact by Country and Sales Value.

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Goals tracking module has been updated in Hanna CRM system with new goal Make sales, also new Dashboard graphs have been added. Newest graphs are related to sales goals and factual sales. Read more about most recent functions below.

Goal Type Make sales

In Hanna CRM system the Goal Tracking module has been improved with new goal type Make Sales. This goal type shall be used to set a target for managers to reach the number of invoices issued within a specified period.

Ability to set Sales Target for countries

In the Goals module, you can set a sales target for countries by specifying how many sales an employee has to make in each country. The system will calculate the achieved goal based on the invoices issued to the customers, taking into account the country entered in the customer’s profile.

Dashboard Graphs Sales Plan vs. Fact and Sales Plan vs. Fact by Country

In the Hanna CRM system, new graphs have been created in the Dashboard module, which graphically represent planned and actual sales. In Dashboard, you will see two new graphs – Sales Plan vs. Fact and Sales Plan vs. Fact by Country. These graphs show goals for Sales and Completed Sales by Country with regards to created invoices

New widget Sales value

Another new widget in the Hanna CRM Dashboard module is Sales Value – in this graph, each employee can see individually his/her own planned sales according to the goals set for them and the sales he/she achieved.

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