New Features 2023.04

New Features 2023.04

Reports module updates; receiving system notifications in the browser; creating contacts from e-mail content and the ability to change record statuses from module view.

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Hanna system has been updated with new functions: ability to receive system notifications directly in the browser, create contacts from e-mail content, change record statuses from module view and reports module updates.

Updated reports

Reports module has been updated. From now on you will be able to generate reports in various sections, create bookmarks and mark them as your favorite. Also, you can share bookmarks with other staff members in the system.

System notifications in the browser

Hanna has added a new function – the ability to receive system notifications which will keep you informed about the latest activity in the Hanna system. With this feature you won ‘t miss any important events in the system!

Creating contacts from e-mail content

Email module has been improved with a new feature – creating contacts from e-mail content. With this functionality you can create contacts and the name and e-mail address will be automatically filled in from the e-mail information. The system will assign the e-mail to the newly created contact.

Changing record statuses from module views

Hanna has added another improvement – the ability to change record statuses from module views. From now on, without selecting specific record view, you can directly change their statuses. This functionality will provide you with more flexibility and efficiency in the system!

Please share with us, what new features you would like to see in the future – we will be glad to take your ideas into consideration when improving our system! Write us via email [email protected]