Cloud Technology and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Cloud Technology and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

One of the major trends in modern Enterprise Resource Planning systems is the use of cloud technology. It offers many benefits such as mobility development and more versatile application. Nonetheless, there are still many doubts that we will briefly review and bust the myths because when choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning system with cloud technology you will always be a step ahead.

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Where Is the Data?

Everyone wants data to be easily and quickly accessible, but at the same time they seek to ensure security and reliability. The use of the cloud from a programmatic point of view involves many complex software solutions designed to achieve these goals. Your system provider will reveal the exact location of data storage and the applied security methods, but the use of the cloud itself does not mean less data security. It’s important for the whole team to know that with a reliable system data will be locked away safely.

Will the System Work If There Is No Internet Connection?

These Enterprise Resource Planning systems are easily and quickly accessible with the help of a browser. This is optimal because we have Internet connection everywhere. If, however, situations occur when the connection is unavailable, the system can be used in offline mode which means the data in the browser will be accessible, but the functionality of the system will not work.

Little Control

Cloud technology may cause uncertainty if there is lack of knowledge. Many people believe that if the system is not on the computer, there is no control over it. However, this is not a legitimate fear, because the entire infrastructure of an Enterprise Resource Planning system is fully managed by the users (depending on the rights granted). In addition, system support and maintenance is ongoing, ensuring that system operation is always smooth and trouble-free.

Can Data Disappear?

Using cloud technology in its essence is the same as using traditional computer software, so in case data is lost (although it is unlikely), backups are made. Responsible system providers will also back up the backups so you can rest assured that the business will not lose data and will always be able to operate as usual regardless of potential interruptions.

No Confidence in the Cloud

There are still a lot of people who do not trust cloud technology, but they cannot exactly tell where this mistrust comes from. In case of an Enterprise Resource Planning system, it is best to try the advantages that the cloud gives and the negative opinion will soon change. When setting up the system, it is necessary to respond to all employees‘ questions in detail and clearly. They will only be able to effectively engage in work and achieve the best results if they can rely on the system.