Renting CRM: Is It Safe?

Renting CRM: Is It Safe?

Renting CRM is a modern solution that is becoming more and more popular. Many business entities opt for renting CRM due to objective benefits such as fast set-up, lower cost, and near zero operating costs. However, some people have doubts. The main issue they are concerned about is data security in rented CRM. Is this doubt justified? Absolutely not. If you choose a reliable CRM provider, your data will not only be secure, but even more secure than keeping it on the company's server or employee computers.

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Why Renting CRM Is a Safer Solution?

In modern business settings, data is gold. It is the company‘s main asset, which of course, is important to protect. Choosing to rent CRM will make data more secure than using a program installed on a personal computer or on an internal server. This is primarily because the use of cloud technology does not allow direct access to data. In other words, no data can be physically stolen or corrupted. When it is stored on a computer – anything can happen.

And yet, with the help of the cloud, the data is not just “somewhere” – CRM provider takes great care of it and makes backups. Yes, such simple solution as a backup is also gold. It’s no secret that many employees of the company forget about this because of the belief “nothing will happen to me”. It is great when backups are taken care of by the IT department, but in small and medium-sized businesses, such units are usually missing, so the only existing copy of the data is the original one. This is why when the data is lost, crashed or attacked by malicious hackers, it is often not possible to recover damaged data and all you can do is learn from your mistakes.

Renting CRM and Security Solutions

If you are considering whether to rent or purchase a CRM system, and the main reason is security, you should think again. Companies that rent CRM employ a multitude of complex solutions that protect system data from a variety of threats.

One of the additional security measures may be limited access to the data. Sometimes it can cause some inconvenience, but you will sleep more soundly at night knowing no important data will be lost. This solution is implemented quite simply, for example, by restricting access to only the IP addresses used. In addition, passwords, their encryption and similar solutions are always used. We are accustomed to them, but the simplest things are often the most important things. Therefore, it is a good idea to start taking care of security from the very beginning: creating a user and following the recommendations for creating and changing a password.