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Enterprise Process Control

CRM program will make you feel like a real leader by enabling you to manage all business processes. Processes, resources, decision making are just a few clicks away and the work is done. Save your time and use your skills where they really matter - CRM unlocks not only your business’ but also your employees’ potential. Work efficiently and smartly - it's much more fun!

Relevant and Accurate Data

Everybody knows the feeling when the necessary information is not at hand. But with CRM you can avoid the worry. The system will collect and sort data as needed - just make a request. So there will be no need for any coffee fortune telling, and measured decisions based on real situation analysis will pay off in no time at all.

CRM System Capabilities

Your business success is where quality lies. Every customer likes attention and quality service, and the CRM program will allow you to show your customers how much you value them. Effective customer relationship management data is easily accessible and all problems are solved quickly and conveniently. Provide your customers not only with goods and services, but also help them solve problems or find additional information. CRM program is an interface that ensures effective communication between your customers and employees.

If you ask us what a CRM system can do, we will say – everything! Yes, the possibilities are simply unlimited and the piece of the pie you get depends on integration. Logistics, Marketing, Project Management, Active Sales, Finance – CRM benefits all these areas and more. Hanna CRM offers universal solutions suitable for everyday business processes in any area, and if necessary, we will create additional functionality. Step into the future bravely, digitise your business and always be one step ahead.

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Contact Database

It's like a notebook, only here the number of pages is unlimited! Contacts, contact information, communication history, and more - all you need is quick and easy to find. Sorting and segmentation will benefit areas such as communication or marketing.

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Hanna CRM kontaktų valdymas

Customer Service

Customers love attention but mistakes are difficult to forgive, so don’t make any mistakes ever again. CRM system is a convenient interface between customers and company employees. Do you lack information? Are you in trouble or need to take into account individual needs? No problem, the system will quickly accept the request and inform the staff responsible. Always meet customers with a smile!

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Hanna CRM klientų aptarnavimas

Task Control

Effective internal communication is essential for a good microclimate and for achieving great goals. Take care of your employees and give them the opportunity to get and assign tasks. We have designed our system to make it quick and comfortable to communicate for both managers and employees of various areas.

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Hanna CRM užduočių valdymas

Time Planning

When you know what you're doing, things are going much better. For this reason it is important to plan, although it is often quite difficult. We have designed the agenda module to make changes, link your plans with your colleagues’ when you share projects with them, and automatically inform them about changes or invite them to meetings if necessary. It is so easy to plan that it is impossible not to plan.

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Hanna CRM darbų planavimas

Contract Management

Contracts – you can’t take a single step in business without them. Following their deadlines, storing them and performing other actions is a lot of effort. Wouldn’t it be better if everything could be done easier? We also believe that, so there is a special module for contract management. Here you can easily archive all documents, make changes and adjustments and the automatic reminders will keep track of important deadlines with no extra effort.

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Hanna CRM sutarčių valdymas

Information Search

It’s great when the information you need is always at hand. This will be the case with Hanna CRM because our team has paid much attention to this feature. Special Criteria Filters, Contextual Search are all designed for you to find exactly what you're looking for. Quick and easy.

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Hanna CRM informacijos paieška

Rights Management

One system for all employees. This was the initial concept that we developed when designing Hanna CRM system solutions. Today the system is suitable for various employees of a company, and the relevance of functions and information is ensured by the roles of rights. Look no further and choose proven and versatile solutions that allow you to accept the challenges.

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Hanna CRM naudotojų teisių valdymas

Cost and Installation of the CRM Program

Do you want to speed up your business? Our engineers have taken care of that – for a long time they were busy creating Hanna CRM system as it is today. We were working to pursue a difficult goal: an easy-to-manage and functional system at an affordable price for every business. It provides many advantages, versatility and futuristic functionality that will allow you to start working today the way your competitors will work only in the future.

The price of the Hanna CRM program is favourable, so the system can be used by everyone: from the craftsman to the head of the organization. Pricing is simple and flexible: you pay depending on how much you use the system. The system rent provides all the benefits and you only pay for the number of users you need. Fair and helps save money, wouldn’t you agree?

Simple installation was one of the developers’ goals and Hanna CRM really did it. In fact, our system installation requires no installation. Forget extra equipment or complicated procedures. All the users need to do is log in, which they can do on any device and from any location where there is an Internet connection. Easy as one-two-three!

Don’t wait for tomorrow and take the opportunity to move your business to a higher level today.

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