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Hanna CRM projektų valdymas

Universal Functionality

The aim of Hanna CRM creators is versatility. Not because the system is suitable for everyone, but because it adapts to everyone‘s needs. Why is it so important? We have noticed that stagnant processes in companies often prevent progress. Our goal is not to stop, but to promote progress. Hanna CRM will adapt to new business goals and operating conditions, and it is therefore a universal system.

Convenient User Environment

Creating a simple system is difficult. We have taken this challenge and, although it was not easy, Hanna CRM is so user-friendly and clear that it can even be used by someone who has minimal computer skills. Convenient site map, user-friendly environment, customized workplaces in the system and other benefits. Sometimes less is actually more - try Hanna CRM and you will understand it.

Benefits of the Project Management System

Today project management without CRM is difficult to imagine. Choose a convenient, fast-paced and thought-out system that Hanna CRM is. It will facilitate business processes. Constant improvements according to the business market will make your life easier!

A tool, an appliance, a program – call it what you want, but nothing can replace the perfectly designed functionality. From the very first steps with Hanna CRM project management system, it will make you feel at home. Clear layout, comfortable working environment, cloud computing – everything you need and more is available at any time, anywhere. Device and Internet connection are now the only tools needed.

Many tasks are needed to be done every day, and there is always too little time. But Hanna CRM project management system gives you the opportunity to turn evrything upside down. Even such simple solutions like quick information search or document templates save you a lot of time every day. Feel free to enjoy a cup of coffee because when working with our smart system you will always have time for a coffee break.

Contact Database

Want to be a market leader? Start with contacts. Hanna CRM will collect and sort them all conveniently. The bigger the audience, the greater the success - don't forget any important contact. You can lose your notebook and forget a name, but our system will not lose or forget anyone - every contact is equally important to it.

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Hanna CRM klientų valdymas

Project Management

Everything a modern project manager needs is here. Project management module is based on the Gantt Chart, so it is clear and familiar to everyone. Here project manager and their team can communicate and assign tasks. It is here that the most important decisions for the projects to succeed are made.

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Hanna CRM projektų valdymo sistema

Task Management

Control is important, but nobody likes carrying it out. Fortunately, you can now trust Hanna CRM to do it. The system has convenient settings so you can automatically follow the deadlines from now on. Get reminders and more. Suprvisors will be able to track the progress of each employee. The first step towards promotion is taken here!

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Hanna CRM užduočių valdymas

Integration with Tasker

Hanna CRM is a modern and innovative project management program so you can expand its capabilities with integration. For example, Tasker will make it easier for mobile teams to work with their colleague in the office. It doesn't matter if you need help, advice or information - with Hanna CRM everything is within easy reach.

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Hanna CRM integracija su Tasker Tools

Work Planning

Imagine an interactive calendar that holds everything: tasks, contacts, remarks, information… Why dream about if our IT engineers have already created one? It is a part of Hanna CRM's project management system, which is highly appreciated by our users.

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Hanna CRM dienotvarkės planavimas

Customer Service

Quick replies, quick problem solving and smooth communication are the must-haves of these days. And to have that, of course, you require a system. If you choose Hanna CRM, you won't have to look for additional solutions because customer service is one of the standard features. Look simpler and discover more benefits.

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Hanna CRM klientų aptarnavimas

Lead Management

A clear picture and a detailed work schedule are prepared instantly. All the contacts you need, the history of communication - when your project managers work with Hanna CRM every customer feels great and communication is efficient. Better results in less time - the opportunity you can take advantage of.

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Hanna CRM potencialūs klientai

Sales Organization

Sales generate revenue, so we have paid special attention to this process. With Hanna CRM, you can make sure that your goods and services are in the right place and at the right time. And when planning, you won't need coffee fortune telling - just a few clicks and reports and forecasts are right in front of you.

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Hanna CRM pardavimų valdymas

Contract Management

Contracts are important, so our team has taken care of keeping them safe. With archiving, auto reminder, term control and other features you won‘t need to worry your head about contracts or delay extending one.

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Hanna CRM sutarčių registras

Information Search

Wouldn‘t it be great to find the information you need with just a click? It would and it is possible. In Hanna CRM all the information is found by various search criteria. Smart search makes workflow smoother - that is why our team has paid attention to smallest details when designing the system.

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Hanna CRM informacijos paieška ir filravimas

Rights Management

Assign or merge rights, change employee responsibilities and don‘t limit your progress. Hanna CRM system is designed to accommodate your business needs and changes, so you don't have to adapt to the system.

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Hanna CRM naudotojų teisių kontrolė

How to Get the Project Management System?

Let your business start growing today and accelerate your business growth. Hanna CRM pricing is flexible and easy. The possibility to rent the system allows you to choose the most appropriate volume for your business. Forget unreasonable investments and discover the benefits and efficiency of the system that will save you money.

Can good things cost little? Yes, they can. Our team’s goal was to create a user-friendly, versatile and adaptable system that would be affordable for everyone. And we have to shamelessly brag that we have succeeded.

With Hanna CRM you will only pay for the “workplace”. So, the cost depends on the number of users. Easy as one-two-three. And no additional equipment – long live cloud computing!

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