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Hanna CRM pardavimų valdymas

Process Management

We've created Hanna CRM to make sales management simple. The structure of the entire process is easy to see, and you can access all the information you need in one click. Roles, assignments and feedback management have never been so easy to control. Employees working with our system recognize that it has become much easier for them to achieve their sales goals and it helps them avoid making mistakes, too.


Can the CRM system be universal? We say yes because the creation of a universal system has been and is the engine that keeps things moving forward. Small businesses, large organizations, service providers and traders - Hanna CRM is a success for everyone. One system is the answer to all the questions, especially when you want to move forward - expanding the boundaries of activities or changing the activity profile.

Benefits of Sales Management System

Sales management is much more efficient when using a CRM system – everyone knows that. But have you ever wondered why? We have developed Hanna CRM to be simple and easy to use. Cloud computing solutions make it easy to spread information across the network, and thoroughly developed features are suitable for various types of companies. Our solution ensures speed and convenience, which is necessary for efficient operation.

CRM systems bring many benefits – everyon knows that. If you feel that working with CRM is good, try Hanna CRM and realize that it can be even better. The users of our system enjoy simple operation, clear layout and universal functionality. Quick installation and progress from the very first steps in the system provides added value that your business can enjoy when choosing Hanna CRM sales management system. We are constantly working and improving our system to achieve better results because our success is your victory over your competition.

Get to know the key features of Hanna CRM Sales Management System.

Contact Database

Hanna CRM team has made the effort to please its users. It has developed a flexible, easy-to-manage contact database. All standard actions are available here. Contact linking and conveniently selected filters for segmentation will allow you to find information on demand. Take care of your customers and create a good impression because it is really important.

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Hanna CRM klientų valdymas

Lead Management

In terms of sales, lead management is one of the most important modules. That is why our team has put effort into it, and you can now achieve more. Contacts, communication history and the possibility to create reminders - all this will allow you to maximize opportunities and increase customer satisfaction. Turn your market potential into a large circle of customers and generate business revenue more easily and efficiently.

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Hanna CRM potencialių klientų valdymas

Sales Process Control

Forget the uncrtainty about whether the deal was successful - Hanna CRM can record all the changes in real time, no matter when and where the managers are. A comfortable working environment will allow you to make the best decisions. Responsible persons will take only a moment to entrust tasks to their employees. Make decisions, build a team and monitor progress!

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Hanna CRM pardavimų proceso kontrolė

Sales Documents

Documents are very important in every business. It is a necessity without which any steps in the business world are simply impossible. Unfortunately, documentation requires a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, Hanna CRM team offers several solutions that will make things faster. Convenient document storage and templates are simple but useful functions in everyday activities. Document revision history will speed up coordination process and help you avoid mistakes.

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Hanna CRM pardavimų dokumentai

Task Management

Boring meetings? You can forget them. Employees receive and perform tasks assigned to them in the Hanna CRM environment. No need to waste time or change the agenda. System developers made sure the system serves equally well top-level managers who assign tasks and and the employees who perform them.

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Hanna CRM užduočių valdymo sistema

Project Management

Project Management is a classic function, without which everyday work in most cases is hard to imagine. Everyone is familiar with the Gantt chart, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Our team has applied the principles of this popular approach to project management.

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Hanna CRM projektų valdymas

Job Scheduling

Hanna CRM looked at job scheduling from a different perspective, so our users can schedule their work on an interactive calendar. All the information you need here is instantly available. Notes and reminders allow you to work accurately.

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Hanna CRM darbų planavimas

Contract Management

Better relationship with customers and between employees within the organization is ensured by the contract management function. Here you can set reminders, make changes and track numbering. All that seems simple, but think how much damage a lost contract can cause. Hanna CRM will not lose any contracts that are important to your business.

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Hanna CRM sutarčių registras

Information Search

Whenever they need to find something, system users expect information here and now. Hanna CRM developers team is in favor of this need, introducing a fast and intuitive search engine. The ability to search by word, keyword phrase or criteria filters will allow you to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

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Hanna CRM informacijos paieška

Rights Management

It is hardly possible to imagine a CRM system without the assignment of rights as this function is really convenient. However, we have gone further - forget the standard roles and assign specific rights to form a user profile as needed or change it constantly. It's fast, convenient and optimal when it comes to unforeseen situations.

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Hanna CRM vartotojų teisės

Sales Module Options

Working time accounting, cost, deadlines – each task used to require a separate employee, but now everything can be entrusted to the CRM program. It is not surprising. Hanna CRM belongs to the generation of new and modern CRM systems, expanding not only the functionality, but also solutions for convenience and speed.

Availability in today’s world is more important than most can imagine. So our engineers have designed a system that everyone can use wherever and whenever they need and even connect to with different devices. Versatility – this is a step into the future and our vision for creating and developing a system for future business.

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