New features 2022.10

New Features 2022.10

The ability to generate the Bill of Lading, invoice items reservation functionality, possibility to create documents text templates.

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Hanna system has been updated with new functions: the ability to generate the Bill of Lading, feature that allows to reserve invoice items and functionality to create documents text templates.

Bill of Lading

Hanna system was recently updated with new feature that allows to generate the Bill of Lading documents. With one click of a button system will display all fields relevant to the Bill of Lading form and the document will be generated in PDF file.

Invoice items reservation

Commercial offers module has a new function – the ability to reserve invoice items. With the help of this functionality, you can reserve the desired amount of goods and after the successful offer the system will automatically recalculate the balance of the invoice items.

Documents text templates

Hanna has added a new function – documents text templates. This new function allows to create documents in the system faster and more efficiently. Create document templates and use them to create records. Archive all types of documents without any hassle!

Please share with us, what new features you would like to see in the future – we will be glad to take your ideas into consideration when improving our system! Write us via email [email protected].